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Livewire Events & Promos Makes Siemens Office Launch a Simple Yet Stunning Affair

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Siemens AG, a German conglomerate, recently inaugurated their exceptional luxe and completely digital office space in Aditya Birla Towers on May 10, 2017. The attendees of the inauguration event comprised of employees, the board of Directors and the Global C-level delegates of Siemens Worldwide. The brand roped in Livewire Events & Promos to manage the festivities.
As Siemens was moving into their new state-of-the-art office space, their theme for the inaugural event was “Breaking Barriers – Doing things differently”. The entire office was also designed keeping this in mind as they were moving away from regular cubicles and had an open structure office space with no hierarchy system and they wanted the event to carry this vision.
As shared by the Livewire Experience, the client brief had 2 parts to it – one, where the senior management would inaugurate the facility in a formal setup, and two, where the employees would also feel very much part of the entire inauguration & celebration. Livewire took upon the brief to deliver each aspect.
The event began with a very formal ribbon cutting ceremony on the 21st floor of the facility with the senior management, followed by a facility tour. This was all covered through a Live stream for the employees to view in real-time. Parallel activities were organised on the 6th floor for the employees keeping in tune with the theme of the premises, such as an Anti-Gravity photo booth to showcase the theme ‘breaking barriers.’
The event saw a customised stage in accordance with the huge open venue, with a massive LED wall. Apart from the digital engagements, the entertainment for the event included a band performance put on by the internal team members to celebrate and commemorate this occasion.
Talking about it, Raghav Roy Kapur, Director, Livewire Events & Promos said, “The real challenge at the event was that we had to accommodate the client’s requests of maintaining exclusivity for the senior management along with ensuring that the employees also felt a part of the entire inauguration very much. So, we laid down 200 ft. of fibre optic cables for seamless live streaming of the ceremony from 21st floor to 6th floor of the facility. All in all, the event was a simple yet grand in its own way.”